LNT® (La Nueva Terapia) is a powerful non-invasive Energetic – Spiritual technique that works at a “Quantum” level. It was channeled during 20 years by Phillipe Schwidersky (a Craneal – Sacral therapist and Chinese medicine practitioner, born in France)

When we talk about “Quantum world” we consider that the Universe is “Frequency”, “Information”.
Our cells contain Light (photons) and Information (DNA).
LNT® is a carrier of Light and Information. When these is restored our cells can work in perfect balance again.

I connect with a High Intelligence Frequency coming from the Source and I work on the energetic congestions caused by trauma, from this life and from past lives.
There is an energy exchange at three levels (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual). This results in the client involuntary moving and the balancing of the different bodies as a way of releasing / liberating.
On the level of the Physical body:
problems like migraines, body aches, muscle tension, joint pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, Parkinson, infertility, auto- immune diseases and allergies might be solved.
On the level of the Energy body:
Personal situations such as trauma, phobias, addictions, lack of abundance, indecisions, insecurities, low self-esteem and some mental conditions like bipolarity, autism and schizophrenia, can highly improve and even reverse.
On the level of the Spiritual body:
Inherited / acquired Karmic Memories (memories from other lives) can be released.

LNT® helps also in the process of integration, after dissociation experiences caused by the use of some psychedelic substances or other reasons.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, during or after a LNT® session our bodies can also release “perverse energies”  corresponding to different emotions that are not in balance.
. Dryness (manifestation)/ Sadness (emotion).
. Internal air (manifestation) / Anger (emotion).
. Internal cold (manifestation) / Fear (emotion).
. Internal heat (manifestation) / Impatience (emotion).
. Sweating (manifestation) / Worry (emotion).

LNT® will return the “Qi,” (Life force), to our bodies and they will benefit from it.

A beautiful thing about the therapy is that it also works on animals and even on plants.
Children, pregnant women and couples also benefit from it.
Further more than what we can say about this quantum technique, it is something to be experienced.
The frequencies we connect to, allow the sessions to work in presence, at a distance and programmed during the dream.

After the session is recommended to drink a lot of water and not to work with another energy technique at the same time.

LNT® does not replace medical treatments.

“There is not a total healing of the physical body without healing the energetic body.”
– Phillipe Schwidersky.