Along the years, I dedicated myself to work designing different objects of various types, where always the main theme was the transformation through the use of noble materials like the silk.

Nothing more effective for the transformation than the silk as it comes from the caterpillar, which attracts the transformation in all the different stages.

Part of what I learnt aligned with finding a way to liberate people from their biggest trapped fears from the past.

I was never very attracted by the academic knowledge because I had intuitively the knowledge to help people transforming and moving forward.

Apart of having participated of many different trainings and techniques, I attracted a powerful connection with Mother Earth, what allowed me to amplify the information through the use of Master Plants, aligning me with the most ancestral and high knowledge, leaving behind the different esoteric and alternative spiritual practices and modalities.

I invite people to become initiated in self love and inner power.

– I offer coaching and readings.

– I manage powerful healing sessions.

– I lead attractive and empowering ceremonies.

“Because we are a fractal of the universe all the solutions are inside of us”

 Namaste, Gaia