I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I live in The Netherlands since 2014.
I had the honor to devoutly work and train with with two highly qualified healers /curanderos from Latin America for four years (one of them an Incan descendant from the “Q´eros” and the other one, an amazing “Medicine Woman” called Inés from Argentina).

Many healing techniques were part of this Transformational path, among them Akasha Records, Andean Cosmology, Family Constellations, Bio-Neuroemotion, Anthroposophy, Kundalini Yoga, Chi-Qung, Tantra, Master Plant teachings and Traditional Rituals.

Having studied Art & Design provided my path with a deep sense of self-transformation.
I became my ‘greatest work of art’ throughout my journey of awareness and reconnection with my own soul and inner essence.

My perceptual sensitivity has increasingly been awakening.
I receive messages from the spiritual world, in the form smells, images and very strong impressions.
Synchronicities are part of my daily life.
A new chapter opened then in which I became capable of helping others with my strong Shakti energy and my Gifts.

After a long period of beautifully working with Sacred Medicines and having deep meditations in Nature, in 2015 I decided to travel to Malaga (Spain) to work with “Devta” a Kundalini Yoga master. In that moment I become impressed of my accuracy when receiving some information coming from other realities. Later I was initiated by the Q’eros tribe (Incas patriarchy).

A little later LNT® come to my path and I became a Qualified Practitioner.
Since then I am using these Quantum Healing Frequencies to help people overcome Traumas and Physical Problems.
This new healing modality with amazing and short term results is manifested as part of the “Plasma” that is coming to the Planet.

And lately a powerful connection with the Higher Self was activated.

These are the activities I share today with people:

  • Despacho Ceremonies (shamanic rituals), based on the Andean Cosmology.
  • Sacred Plants (medicine) small groups / one to one sessions.
  • SGA (Sacred Geometry Activation), a powerful energy activation involving Kundalini and pure consciousness. It ignites your divine life force.
  • LNT (La Nueva Terapia sessions), a Quantum Healing technique that works with the activation of the pineal gland.
  • Akasha records (readings).
  • Connecting with your higher self. Through the most higher vibration available I connect with people´s higher self and help them liberating  from pain and suffering, attracting alignment.

It is my greatest joy to share my love and commitment to life and to assist people in their TRANSFORMATION and HEALING process.

“We are a fractal of the universe, all the solutions are already inside of us”.

Namaste, Guille.