"Excellent therapy!"

Belen Coronel

"I highly recommend this technique. The guide of Guillermina will surprise you."

Ursula Garcia Vieyra

"I also find both Guille and Rocio nice and trustworthy souls. I felt their genuine desire to help me."

Andrea Peláková

"I experienced great clarity, increased energy and a desire to keep improving myself."

Alfonso Pastorino

"Changes come immediately - you feel them in your body."

Paola Callealta

"I recommend this therapy to everyone feeling in need of one for any kind of reason!"

German Escudero

"I had such a beautiful experience a few days ago, so healing!"

Gloria Rosauer

"I am so happy I was open to receive this gift.”

Adriana Schweikert

"I experienced great clarity, increased energy and a desire to keep improving myself."

Alfonso Pastorino

“I had a great session with Gaia. I suggest going in with an open mind and embracing what the session brings up from within. We did this session when I had a knee injury and we also decided to work through some difficult emotions from the past. I felt rather calm after the session and my knee improved drastically. Surrender to the process 🙂 Gaia is a very compassionate teacher and makes space for you to be vulnerable. I would highly recommend taking a session of Quantum Healing.”

Bharati (Goa)

“I had a motobike accident and I broke a rib. I received some sessions from Gaia. After 5 sessions I went for a scan and my rib started attaching again. So I skipped surgery.”

Shiva (India)

“Gaia´s Shamanic work is fully trustworthy and powerful. I could surrender and allow the healing to happen.”

Alex (France)

“I was feeling very bad, with stress and experiencing some fears. I thought I didn’t believe in energy at all, but decided to give a try to SGA.

I swear from that moment I will never again say I don’t believe.

The energy started Immediately Rising and moving through all my body. I felt the peace and connection. No more fear feeling.”

Eduardo Garcia (Malta)

“I had migraines for 2 years and after the LNT they disappeared. I´m amazed.”

Nirit (Israel)

“My mom had a lot of pain and needed surgery in her knee.

She didn’t believe in these treatments but the discomfort was so big that decided to give a try.
The first sesión was in person and 5 more at a distance.

When she went to the doctor for a scan, he couldn’t believe that the knee was healed.

No surgery for her and almost a miracle :).”

Elena (Orgiva, Spain)

“Miss Gaia, it was great to do a quantam healing session.. with you.. before the session I had some confusion regarding what direction to take but.. in your session when we set the intention very cleary before we started was the greatest aspect of the session.. after the session in a day or two I felt much better and complete and could be more certain of direction. I felt that at a core level we could make a change and reprogram some patterns.. so thank you for your time and presence.. and a great session….”

Shantanu Seeker (India)

“Excellent Therapy! I was able to consciously connect with my ancestral teachers and my vital energy was renewed. I received wonderful guidance of Guillermina.”

Belen Coronel (Argentina)

“I did a session with Guillermina. We arranged a day to treat my nervousness and anxiety due to an intestinal candida infection. I didn’t know LNT therapy. At the beginning, I didn’t understand how it worked but then I totally trusted in the therapy and surrendered to the Source. I felt a lot of emotional peace. It was a nice and pleasant experience. I feel better and sleep better at night.”

Maria Eugenia Vazquez (Argentina)

“I had a beautiful session with Guillermina. very gentle nice and cleansing and was so much more sparkly and vivid instantly.. And most importantly i felt i was in nice and honest and loving and caring hands with a heartfelt connection to source that was pure and integer. thank you pure awesomeness!”

Alet Santman (Netherlands)

“I had a strong headache, dizziness and my arms were full of tension. I received a Quantum Healing treatment. I was amazed to feel how the energy was flowing through my body. I even felt my kundalini energy. I cried for a while and suddenly when the session finished I realised that the pains and dizziness were completely gone and I felt an enormous peace. Im so happy I was open to receive this gift.”

Adriana Schweikert (Brasil)

“Amazing my first LNT experience and session at a distance. While I believe in energy, I didn’t think I could move that much. I felt my body going from side to side without being able to control it and I was in a state of concentration that I never had before. After my requests for harmony, strength and work with my first session I saw the incredible results and could really feel the energy. Then I received some programmed sessions to lower my stress and anxiety and worked immediately. I highly recommend this technique. The guide of Guillermina will surprise you. Thanks to Guillermina for this path of light.”

Ursula Garcia Vieyra (Argentina)

“I had such a beautiful experience a few days ago, so healing! I received a couple of LNT sessions at a distance and some programmed sessions too, incredible, they were both extremely effective. I recommend this new LNT technique of these beautiful people!”

Gloria Rosauer (Argentina)

“I had an accident on the road with the motobike. Gaia gave me a treatment to recover from the psychological and physical trauma few days after the accident.
She took good care of me, she’s an extremely empathic and sensitive person. The sequence was very inspiring and soothing for me, I travelled through a meditation that helped me to feel secure again and taken care of.
After Gaia’s healing, I felt relieved and energised.
Thank you so much for helping me to heal!”

Annaise (France)

“The sessions I received from Gaia gave me lots of clarity and encouraged me to empower myself. I highly recommend her sessions.”

Poorvi (India)

“I experienced the most beautiful and enlightened Shamanic session with Gaia. Im very grateful for it.”

Brigitte (Netherlands)

“The Shamanic session in Gaia´s hands was a beautiful and powerful liberation and alignment work. Above expectations.”

Tamara (Egypt)

“Thank you so much for the healing
I felt a lot of energy circulating during it. I could sleep well without coughing and feeling pain.
The next morning the spleen and the colon felt way better. And my lungs congestion felt released🥰😘.”

Sylvie (France)

“The sessions with Gaia were a life changing. Highly recommended working with her.”

Norma (Buenos Aires)

“I received a session to treat the Covid and I felt immediately better. In 2 days i got recovered. Great technique.”

Alexis Pehacsevich (Argentina)

“For about eight months I was feeling something like palpitations in the heart area and I got to feel very worried because this was repeated every day. I had only one session of this new therapy with Guillermina and after that I have not had any more palpitations. For me it was a blessing. More than 3 months have passed since that session and I have not felt those symptoms again. Thank you very much Guillermina for your help with this wonderful therapy. All the best for you. God bless you.”

Santiago Castillo Huertas (Spain)

“My dog Vito had a big wound due to an accident with a big and sharp metal object. Guillermina gave him a session and it was unbelievable amazing how fast he recovered.”

Arco Sonneveld (Netherlands)

“I sprained my ankle at my birthday party and since Rocio and Guille were among the guests I was offered by Rocio an instant treatment which I gladly accepted. I had a huge pain and felt traumatised. During the healing session that Rocio gave me the pain started to drop rapidly and practically disappeared and also myself I calmed down. Within 20 minutes I could put the boot back on my foot again and walk without any problem at that very moment. In the next days I was noticing rapid progress in healing too. Next day I also received another healing session for my emotions and ankle with Guille. I had various experiences/sensations in the coming days that I do not know to what I should attribute to as I was also on my period which always brings lots of strong emotions. Also I am very new to this kind of healing and very doubtful whether it is going to work on me. I did not go into more healing sessions although I was and still am very interested in exploring what is there available in terms of healing through this therapy. Unfortunately I cannot afford paying it at the moment and do not feel comfortable to receive it for free. I also find both Guille and Rocio nice and trustworthy souls. I felt their genuine desire to help me. I feel very grateful for the help and support they provided to me.”

Andrea Peláková (Check Republic)

“I think this LNT therapy is completely different to others i have practiced , changes come immediately – you feel them in your body. But the most important thing is that you feel it in your heart and in your head. I have never ever felt this! Thanks thanks thanks Guillermina for this therapy.”

Paola Callealta (Italy)

“I received 2 LNT healing sessions at a distance, and let me tell you they were amazing and worth. The first session was made for self love (something I was lack of), after it I started feeling really confident and very positive, I had always felt some kind of fear and it disappeared. My second session was more physical, I had a strong flu and fever, my doctor didn’t find a reason for it so he diagnosed some kind of allergy and it was hard to heal with the medicines so I came to the therapist and she told me it was because of my energy, she programmed a 2nd healing for me and after a day I was feeling great!!! I have to tell that during the 2 sessions I felt like energy moving around and it felt really good!!! I recommend this therapy to everyone feeling in need of one for any kind of reason!!! Thanks for everything!!!”

German Escudero (Mexico)

“I received a wonderful SGA session from Gaia. She was very careful and I felt the energy working and aligning in my body. Very powerful work, Im very thankful for this experience.”

Fotini (Greece)

“I could receive one of the most loving and deep experiences in my Shamanic work with Gaia. She knows how to take care of people.”

Renald (Toulouse)

“I received a very effective quantum healing session.

I had a big blockage in one of my lower chakras due to a bad experience I had a couple of years ago, and after 2 sessions, the energy was totally restored.
I feel free and in a nice flow. That makes my connections better :)”

Alpha (Finland)

“My name is Fatima i live in Netherlands about 5 years i have been suffering from depression and i have been taking antidepressive medicine and even so it didn’t help. I was always feeling not satisfied and empty till my brother came from Sweden visiting and he told me about the Quantum healing. I never heard about it so i wanted to try because i was so desperate so my brother helped me to get in contact with Guillermina and i had my first healing session. It is hard for me to describe how it did feel… I felt very strange confuse but that night, it was the first night in 5 years i did fully sleep deeply without medicine. I thought it was over and the depression is was gone. I was very happy but it did hate me again.. only this time I was in contact with Guillermina every time i didn’t feel good i contacted her and she did a session with me, and every time i felt better and I did low my antidepressive medicine from 20mg to 15mg and now Im planing to lower even more in 2 months finally. I see a hope with Quantum Healing to have normal life and to not feel a victim and sad again.  Sorry for my english but i wanted to share my experience with you guys.”

Fatima Paardekooper (Morocco)

“I recently had a session with Guillermina. What an amazing experience it was! She is a well-trained therapist who takes you on an amazing journey, exploring those aspects of yourself that are often blocked by daily activities and commitments. In the therapy you gradually build up momentum until your inner energy is unleashed, as if you were in a very deep meditative state, taking you to the deepest realms of your consciousness. After the session, I experienced great clarity, increased energy and a desire to keep improving myself. Thank you, Guille!”

Alfonso Pastorino (Spain)


Claudia Beatriz Torres (Argentina)

“5 out of 5! I had a session with Guillermina and it was incredible. I had no idea my body could move and release the way it did. It is definitely special deep spiritual work. I am grateful for her thank you!!

Jack Lewis (USA)

“Tomé la primera sesión de LNT, con mucha desconfianza y casi con la certeza que no funcionaria, que seguro que era otra las tantas técnicas que existen y que o no funcionan para nada o el alivio es temporal y terminas siendo esclava del método.

Primera Sesion: Recuerdo que tenía un fuerte dolor muscular en el hombro derecho, la espalda y la pierna derecha inclusive el dolor llegaba hasta el pie derecho.

No entendía cómo es que la técnica funciona, y esto hacía que dudará de su efectividad. Aun así, el dolor era tan molesto, que decidí tomar una sesión. Recuerdo que empecé a moverme un poco durante la sesión, y tuve algunas visiones de movimiento de energía en el lado derecho de mi cuerpo. Lo sorprendente fue que al terminar la sesión el dolor se había ido y había recuperado nuevamente la alegría.

Quedé muy impresionada con su efectividad y con la rapidez en solucionar el dolor que sentía.

Segunda Sesión: Recuerdo que tuve un conflicto emocional muy fuerte, hice una sesión de terapia muy similar a una de bioneuroemoción, y tomé conciencia de un problema muy grande en mi familia el cual no pude sostener, recuerdo que tenía una pena infinita, que no me pasaba con nada, el día recién empezaba y de lo mal que me sentía decidí volver a la cama porque no tenía fuerzas ni siquiera para mantenerme de pie.

Decidí hablar con Guillermina sobre este problema y tomé una sesión. Durante la sesión tuve visiones, vi como una energía muy grande y muy oscura salía de mi columna, era como un gran peso que se desprendió de mi cuerpo. Fue impresionante. Nunca pensé que la LNT pudiera aliviarme de este desbalance emocional tan devastador para mí. Al terminar la sesión, la pena se había ido y pude continuar trabajando en la oficina.

Estoy muy agradecida con la LNT, además debo destacar el gran ser humano que es Guillermina, quien con mucha sabiduría me ayudo a definir qué era lo que necesitaba cambiar con la LNT, porque claro, cuando uno está en el problema no puede enfocarse y definir qué es exactamente lo que nos estresa.”

Luz (Peru)