Considering that we are 95% unconscious mind and only a 5% of conscious mind, the use of Rituals deeply help unleashing the healing process. Depending on the cases, I suggest the use of them in a Shamanic – Art context, where the Archetypes and Elements play a big rol.

Despacho ceremonies based on Andean Cosmology (Inca tradition) are part of the tools I offer to my clients.

I also organise and accompany one to one and small groups of Sacred Tea ceremonies, Full Moon, Cacao, Yerba Mate. .

When working with Master Plants, music plays an important role, being one of my biggest passions. During ceremonies I do this through the use of Icaros. They work with the vibration of sound.
Sometimes I sing and play instruments myself.

The plants have a Spirit which teaches, and guides.
That´s why they are called Master plants or Teacher plants.
My space is not a recreational place, but a sacred place for Healing.

I would like to add that as a Healer and Therapist through LNT® I can help with the “Integration process” after the use of Plant Medicine.

You are very welcome if you are looking for
Awareness, Connection and Transformation.