Our body is Sacred Geometry.
The solar system, the planetary system, planet earth, galaxies, shells, our DNA, the Chakra system and the Kundalini energy are part of the Sacred Geometry.

We are much more than a Physical body,
Each person has a unique tonal sound signature. A unique divine blue
We are Light and Information. We are frequency
Our cells contain Light (photons) and Information (DNA).
SGA restores the Light and biological Information in our cells.

Because we are energetically connected to the Planet Magnetic Field, and almost everything in the Universe is created according to Sacred Geometry, during a SGA session, the flow of energy in our bodies, will synchronize our Geometry with the Cosmic one. The experience transcends space, time and dimensions.

During the activation process, when I work with a client I connect with High Intelligent Frequencies and I´m guided by them.

Through involuntary movements, a strong liberation can take place,. These movements recreate patterns usually represented by Spirals.
Some people start dancing, some people make mudras, Tai Chi, Qi -Kung, Yoga asanas, etc. Some people may notice flashing colors through the third eye, and some people can also visualize geometric shapes.
After that, a feeling of harmony, truth, freedom and wholeness arises.
Synchronicities can also start showing up in our lives.
We are one. We are a fractal of the Universe / Source.

To participate in a SGA, you don’t have to believe in energy, only to be open to the possibility that there is a biggest consciousness than we are.
Surrendering to the process makes the experience worthy.

After the session is recommended to drink a lot of water and to avoid working with other energy techniques at the same time.

SGA®️ does not replace medical treatments.